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You decide......

Because on this webpage you'll discover how to "download" a NEW hypnosis technology into your brain - it's a new frontier in hypnosis that is so powerful not even hypnosis veterans
(with 40+ years experience under their belt) will be able to "see it coming" when it's
used on them and will be unable to explain what happened after you've shuffled
their mind like a pack of cards. It's an evolution in hypnotic persuasion
that can get you anything you want...

Contracts... Deals... Bargains... Votes...
Reservations... Funding... The Minds &
Hearts Of Other People... ANYTHING!

"Removed All Back Taxes"

"I am now a 62 year old student. Last week I had to go to City Hall to save my mother's house.

"After a conversation with a little Mind Bending Language, the Assor removed all back taxes from my mother's property."

Calvin Williams
Retired School Teacher
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

"Applying The Knowledge Is Easy, Natural And Beneficial."

While having received the Mind Bending Language decks and spending several hours practicing and learning the material, applying the knowledge is easy, natural and beneficial.

Depending on your own field or reasoning for learning or possessing this great tool, it is and should be used with great caution. As a Deception Detection Investigator, the Mind Bending Language deck has aided me in several cases.

Reed Mcclintock
Deception Detection Investigator
Beaverton, OR, USA

"Everyone Listens Quietly And Then They Do Exactly What You Told Them To Do"

Hi Igor, I've been working on Stage Shows and some therapy work in my spare time, but, I use the MBL in a subtle form all the time to open people up during my work as an IT Consultant, I'm always going back to re-listen during my study time, i.e. on the bus to and from work and something always comes out that I didn't realise!!

The best example of success is my recent project, this involves a new multi million dollar data centre for a major world bank, not trivial?? My job for the bank is to ensure that the suppliers of the building and services have tested, commissionied and qualified the data centre to the correct tier level, usually, at the end, this is the hardest thing to do, but, with some MBL and coversational basics up front, the job is on time, to the right quality and rocking along and the people involved enjoying the successful feeling!!

We are on track for the 1st of February hand over in exchange for a huge check!! The best compliment came from a fellow consultant last week, in our project meetings we have the best people from the best complanies in New Zealand in this field including the equivalent of AT&T Telecom company.

He said this: "I'm amazed, you don't say much, but, everyone listens quietly and then they do exactly what you told them to do, I never thought these people would work together so well?"

I smiled and shrugged my shoulders.....I replied that we were vey lucky to have such a great team.......;-) regards Dave

Dave Wilson
It Consultant And Hypnotist
Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

"A Simple And Massively Effective System"

I have been using the MBL Decks for a couple of years now and without doubt they have made the single biggest difference to my coaching, training and therapy business. The reason for this is simple, I am now able to communicate in a way that opens peoples minds to the possibilities that are out there for them.

I can create sentences that distract & confuse the conscious and engage the unconscious mind and this is where I regularly see the lightbulb go on in peoples heads. I recently worked with a lady who wanted help with pain management as she suffered with Fybromyalgia and when I started using MBL to dig deeper she paused for about 5 mins and started crying.

She then proceeded to tell me that she now knew why she had come to me for help and that it was about her father and how he used to beat her and made her feel worthless. After working with that she has completely changed and all her family have noticed a huge positive change in her and it is fantastic to see. Thanks again Igor for a simple and massively effective system.

Simon Maryan
Hypnotherapist, Coach & Trainer
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK

"Almost Magical"

One of the first things that attracted me to hypnosis was that Dr Milton Erickson was described as someone who could help people no one else could help. As I read that statement, I knew it was what I wanted to do.

I have studied with some of the top trainers/teachers in the world and have never lost the desire to continue learning from anyone of excellence. What I discovered was one of the most important and exciting communication tools for change was conversational language patterns.

When I discovered Igor's training tools, again I became very excited because of the innovative and excellent trainings he offered...something more I could use to expand my knowledge to be even more successful in my work. I wish I had the language decks 20 years ago when I began learning.

They make learning so much easier and practical...they are almost magical and gave me an increase in confidence with my clients. I recommend anyone who wants a "shortcut" to higher learning of hypnosis, with the intensity of excellence. I can hardly wait for the next new offering from Igor, an amazing teacher. Thanks so much.

Dr Jl Starodub
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Niagara Falls, NY, USA

"An Essential Tool"

Although we use language every day to communicate, do we really care about how effective our use of language is? For anyone who communicates with others to effect change in a way that is positive then subtle and elegant use of language is of paramount importance.

This is what covert hypnosis is all about. When I first started learning hypnosis, I felt I was back at school learning language patterns by rote and not really understanding what I was doing, or why I was doing it.

What I was missing was something I could use to get a proper grasp on and to master these seemingly difficult patterns. And, these Mind Bending Language (MBL) cards were, for me, the missing link.

The CDs begin with a crash course in hypnosis to give a foundation on how MBL is built, definitions of the different types of hypnosis, the philosophy of MBL, the NLP communication model and how MBL can be applied to the real world.

They then go onto look at the 3 decks and 4 or 5 suits of cards in more detail; how each deck works, having experiences of the decks and then most importantly practicing, practicing and practicing.

Seeing the cards, speaking the language patterns, handling the cards and the "doing" is what it's all about. Having worked through all the cards, they certainly have not been confined to my book case like a once-used toy ends up in the toy-box.

They have become an essential tool to my continuous and continual mastering of language patterns in the real world of communication.

Neil Garland
Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands

"A True Stroke Of Genius"

I have been listening to the mind bending language CDs almost daily for the past 6 weeks. I put them on my Ipod and have been cycling around and around with them in my head, going to and fro, in and out, above and beyond, besides everything else I ought to do. They represent one of Igor's finest contributions.

A true stroke of genius. Thanks again, Igor.

Arthur Balin, Md, Phd
Physician - Dermatology, Mohs Micrographic Surgery For Skin Cancer, Longevity Medicine
Media, Pennsylvania, USA

"A Radically New And Incredibly Powerful Approach To Producing Positive Change Conversationally"

Mind Bending Language is a radically new and incredibly powerful approach to producing positive change conversationally. Up till now, however, the skills and techniques of Mind Bending Language were difficult to learn.

Igor's Mind Bending Language card decks elimnate that difficulty. If you use the card decks and practice with them as Igor recommends, the Mind Bending Language patterns will become so thoroughly imprinted on your mind that they will become simply a part of the normal way in which you ordinarily communicate.

At that point, you'll no longer even need to think consciously about using the patterns; they'll simply flow off your tongue automatically.

Aaron Spurling
Legal Writer
Fishers, Indiana, USA

"Making Profound Changes That Lead To Unexpected...Personal Success"

I found the cards to be an excellent source of practice material for my preparation for clients. And also as a source of a wide variety of phrases and suggestions and questions for script writing.

I have used the cards in working with athletes who are committed to discovering ways to achieve peak performance, students who have severe test anxiety, and also medical referral clients who have been diagnosed with cancer, Lyme disease, and chronic auto-immune problems.

They are making profound changes that lead to unexpected (by them) personal success. Thanks for providing such helpful material in a format that is useful for rapid learning and practice.

Art Emrich
Consulting Hypnotist
Sarasota, FL, USA

From: Igor Ledochowski


Dear Friend,

On this webpage I'm going to show you how to use a NEW hypnosis technology to start triggering a 5-million-year-old evolutionary "reset switch" in other people's brains so you can get mind-altering hypnotic results like Oren, Dan, Ken and David.

What kind of results?

Take a look:

Oren is one of those unfathomable people who walk's into the "lions den" to meet with "ice cold" multi-millionaire (and even BILLIONAIRE) venture capitalists.

With nothing more than his words and his mannerisms (he doesn't use PowerPoint presentations or hide behind props) Oren pitches for large chunks of investment money.

And even though Oren has no schooling in sales techniques or corporate presenting...

He's Personally Raised More Than $400 MILLION Over The Past Few Years

Leaving just about all his contemporary "money hunters" choking in his dust.

Then there's Dan.

Dan's an entrepreneurial coach.

High-flying entrepreneurs (from a multitude of industries) flock to Dan to learn how to gain even greater mastery and control over their business and their life.

Nothing too unusual about that I guess.

But you want to know something kind of funny?

Dan never attempts to personally sell anyone on paying the hefty 5-figure fee to become part of his entrepreneurial coaching program.

In fact, whenever a hesitant prospective client contacts Dan on the phone to get more information about his program, what happens on that call is kind of weird because Dan will say 39 words... and then... shut up.

He doesn't say anything else.

What happens next?

Well, typically there is a pause on the end of the phone. An uncomfortable deadly silence.

And then?

Then the prospective coaching client will launch full throttle into all the reasons why Dan's program makes perfect sense for them and, invariably...

They Eagerly Sign-Up (And Make Payment) On The Spot

Like I said, Dan never attempts to sell or convince anyone of anything.

See Dan (like Oren) has stumbled upon a hidden "reset switch" in the catacombs of the human brain - and as a result, enjoys an "unfair advantage" over all his competitors who haven't discovered it yet.

Which bring us to the fascinating story of Ken.

Ken knows about the hidden "reset switch" in the human brain, too. And he took that rarefied knowledge into the cut-and-thrust world of...

"Dialling For Dollars" As
A Stock Broker

Yep, Ken would pick up the phone and cold-call complete strangers to "pitch" stock.

Except Ken didn't exactly "pitch" stock. Certainly not like he was supposed to according to the company training program.

Instead Ken did something that "on the surface", can't exactly be categorised or labelled according to most all known selling or pitching strategies.

But you know what?

Ken would go months, and...

There Was Literally Nobody That Didn't Buy Stock From Him!

Even though they never met Ken in person and, he was a complete stranger to them two seconds before he called.

Actually, Ken's company put the "audit police" on him and traced his calls because they were so suspicious of his sales figures.

They had him pegged as a rogue broker using aggressive, threatening (and illegal) manipulation tactics over the phone on the people he called.

He wasn't.

He simply knew about the hidden "reset switch" in the human brain and how to trigger it.

Does it get any crazier?

Yes it does.

Because let's not forget David.

Before I tell you David's story, I have to warn you: you may find it downright offensive or, for your own reasons, it may cause a surge of jealously to rush through your body.

See during the evening David would call up women out of the dating classifieds section of a local magazine.

Many of these women would be extremely "rigid" career orientated types (like power-hungry lawyers, financial analysts and corporate executives, etc). And some of these women would be more the "homey" type with varied interests.

No matter, because almost without fail, after just 20 to 30 minutes of being on the phone with David for the very first time...

These Women Would Be
Having Uncontrollable
Full-Body Orgasms

Even multiple orgasms.

And in most cases the women were forbidden (by David) to "touch" themselves.

This is no joke, either.

Now here's the really amazing part:

Although the devastating mind-altering feats that Oren, Dan, Ken and David have been able to achieve seem miraculous... the fact is...

Their Methods Are Still Rather Primitive (And Limited) Compared To What You'll Be Able To Suggest To Another Persons Mind, When You Read On...

To understand why that is so, we need to open up the skull and take a closer look at the human brain.

Basically the human brain is composed of three parts.

First there is the "upper brain" or the Neocortex as its officially called. The Neocortex is the thinking, reasoning, analysing and judgemental part of the brain. It's where we hold our habitual ingrained thought patterns.

Anyway, if you've had any experience of trying to reason with or argue someone round to your way of thinking... you already know...

The Neocortex (The "Thinking Brain") Can Be As Stubborn
As A Mule

Next we have the "mid brain". Officially known as the Mammalian brain.

This part of the brain is the social part of the brain. It helps us make sense of social interactions and allows us to relate with other people.

But for the sake of having the most powerful hypnotic influence we are primarily interested (initially, at least) with the "lower brain". This part of the brain is often referred to as the Limbic brain or the Reptilian brain.

Or, as I like to call it...

The Crocodile Brain

Here's what's important to know about the crocodile (croc) brain.

In the lower west side "Zip Code" area of the croc brain is a small ball of motor-neurons called the Amygdala (pronounced Ah-mig-dala).

The Amygdala is about 5-million-years old in evolutionary terms and is a fickle little "neuro-network". Most biochemists and neuroscientists talk about the Amygdala as the "fire alarm" in the brain. Or some such equivalent description.

That's because the Amygdala gets triggered when we perceive a threat (like a snake slithering into view or a jack-knifed lorry skidding toward us). It's the Amygdala that instinctively kicks into gear and causes us to run away from any kind of perceived threat to our survival.

But guess what?

There's a way to "verbally drug" the Amygdala to cause the whole brain (including the "security guarded" Neocortex) to open up its doors ready and eager to absorb new information and ideas.

Actually, when the Amygdala is "verbally drugged" in just the right way (like I'm going to show you how to do)...

The Entire Brain "Spins Out" And A Person's Ingrained (Defensive) Thought Patterns Collapse
In An Instant

And when that happens - you can literally "reset" a person's thinking patterns so they accept and act on the new ideas you "feed" them.

That, in a nutshell, is the "invisible" secret Oren, Dan, Ken and David have used to pull-off their mind altering feats of hypnotic persuasion.

They have each, in their own way, used hypnotic "reset" language to collapse the thinking, analytical, judgemental part of the brain (the Neocortex) by positively...

Hijacking The Amygdala

But... (and this is important)...

Where the likes of Oren, Dan, Ken and David have been able to "verbally drug" people by hijacking the Amygdala in specific contexts and specific environments (where certain conditions are set up in advance for them to be effective)... there now exists a NEW hypnosis technology which allows you to positively hijack the Amygdala and collapse (and "reset") a person's stubborn thought patterns....

Anywhere, Anyplace, Anytime

And on any person - no matter how "set-in-their-ways" they are.

Plus, the person you're using this NEW hypnosis technology on will have no idea what you're doing. They won't suspect a thing. All they'll know is they'll feel uplifted and emotionally energized after communicating with you.

Another thing:

Not only can you use this NEW hypnosis technology anytime, anyplace, anywhere - you can use it in natural conversation for an endless variety of reasons.

Put simply: Anytime someone has a "stuck" mindset around a particular issue or decision you can "unstick" it with the new hypnosis technology.

So for example:

You can use the new hypnosis technology in a business environment (to clinch big deals, sell more of your goods and services, or turn-the-tables on a tyrant of a boss so they start sucking up to you)... you can also use it in everyday life (to help someone drop a lifelong phobia, help your child with their enthusiasm for school subjects or enable certain people to feel very good about spending time with you).

And here's the really neat thing:

In each case where you use this new hypnosis technology you are enabling someone to make superior decisions compared to what their "stuck" mind was capable of making.

For that reason...

Nobody Will Ever Get "Buyers Remorse" Or Feel Cheated Or Tricked By You

It's just not possible for that to happen.

Anyway, just what is this NEW hypnosis technology?

I call it "Mind Bending Language". It took me 8 long years of trial-and-error to formulate, synthesize and refine so I could use it fluidly in any situation.

Then it took me a further 2 years to figure out how best to teach it to other people in a structured and easy-to-learn way.

It's been a long (and at times, frustrating) road. But it's been well worth it because you can now have a lot of fun transforming yourself into a brain "re-setting" master hypnotist (and do so in a matter of a couple weeks) through the new course I've put together for you, called:

Mind Bending Language
Card System

The Mind Bending Language Card System - (the ONLY "all-inclusive" place on earth you can "upload" the mind bending language skill into you) -- comprises 16 audio CDs and 3 decks of mind bending language training cards.

Basically the components of the system break down like this:

CDs 1 - 2:   Lay the groundwork for the entire system and cover the fundamentals of mind bending language (MBL) and how it fits into the overall framework of hypnosis.
CDs 3 - 8:   (Used in conjunction with card deck 1): Formulas You Can Use For Instant Effect:

These CDs and Card Deck 1 cover predefined language patterns of mind bending language (MBL). Together they get you up to speed quickly with how to use MBL and can be considered your “training wheels”.

In this module you have 5 suits of cards – each containing 10 cards – for a total of 50 cards.

Each card has a special MBL pattern that I’ve carefully created to spin your mind out in one of the 5 FUNDAMENTAL directions.

As you practice with this module you’ll be learning to speak in mind-bending ways. This allows YOU to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your own mind so you automatically start thinking in more expansive ways.
CDs 9 - 12: (Used in conjunction with card deck 2): Using Mind Bending Language In Any Situation:

These CD’s and card deck 2 show you how to smoothly lace together MBL POWER WORDS into a natural conversation with anyone, anywhere, anytime. It’s during this component of the system that you’ll learn how to “go freestyle” with MBL so you instinctively start using it without relying on memory or the cards.

In this module you’ll take the THEMES that are imbedded in module to turn ANYTHING you say to ANYONE at ANY TIME into something mind-bending…

The ONLY thing they will know is that somehow they cannot think the same way, or feel the same way, or even see the situation in the same way anymore.

There are 4 suits with 15 cards in each suit making up 60 cards in this module.
CDs 13 - 16: (Used in conjunction with card deck 3): Advanced Strategies For Maximum Results:

These CD’s and card deck 3 will show you how to become very strategic with MBL so you naturally think, talk and act like a master mind bending hypnotists who can shift people’s perceptions very quickly – shifting people in and out of covert trances within minutes of talking to them… overcoming people’s problems, fears and anxiety and get them “unstuck”... sometimes without even saying anything (Hint: Language is just one way of achieving mind bending results).

Once you have stretched your mind and then expanded your vocabulary so you can instinctively FLOW with MBLs anytime anyplace and with anyone... the time comes for you to get more and more STRATEGIC with the WAY that you use your language.

You see MBLs can be used subtly – with undetectably small spins that nudge people's mind one way or the other.

To do this elegantly and with guaranteed results, you need to understand the way that people think and use language - the assumptions that the mind has made – so that the MBLs can be used with laser targeted precision to get the exact result you want.

The 4 suits in this deck (59 cards) will give you that precision. It will give you strategies to use at different times and it will give you some advanced concepts in Mind Bending Language that will take your power words to new heights.

To sum up the “components” of Mind Bending Language System:

If Module 1 is like learning to write by copying letters and words out in a book and Module 2 is like learning to string the letters together into words and sentences to communicate ideas with...

...then Module 3 is like taking an advanced class in essay writing or storytelling. This is where the real artistry and polish comes in. You will be mining the information in this module for MANY years to come!

Anyway, here's the bottom line:

Because you'll get to hear me working directly with students on the CDs and you can follow along as I go through the training cards one-by-one (giving you examples of how they would be incorporated into a real conversation) it's a very interactive learning process.

And simply by going through the system...

You Will Instinctively Start Gaining A Level Of Mastery As A Mind Bending Language Hypnotist

But what exactly does it mean to say you'll gain mastery as a mind bending language hypnotist?

Well, picture this:

I want you to imagine you are in a large auditorium filled with 10,000 other highly qualified, highly experienced hypnotists.

I also want you to imagine you are up on stage at the front of the auditorium and, one by one, you call onto the stage each of those 10,000 experienced hypnotists and you start doing MBL on each one. Maybe to "nuke" a phobia. Maybe to help them come to a final decision on a dilemma they've been facing. Or simply to light up their neurology like the Vegas strip.

Either way, after you had personally worked with all 10,000 experienced hypnotists would you care to guess how many would have any clue what you had just done with them?

The truthful answer may shock you.


Because... at best...

Only About 3 Or 4 Of Those Experienced Hypnotists Would Have Any Clue About The NEW Hypnosis Technology (MBL) You Had Used On Them

I know that may sound hard to believe.

But remember I teach hypnosis to packed-out audiences around the globe (meeting some very experienced hypnotists with 40+ years experience under their belt along the way) and I can categorically say that MBL is a totally new concept to them.

"Dropped Their Jaws In Amazement"

I was at The National Guild of Hypnostist Convention in August. Having lunch with fellow hypnotists and used MBL to make a change for a fellow Hypnotist.

The others just dropped their Jaws in amazement, No formal trance!

Just think how good it can work for You!

Haven Young
Master Practitioner Of NLP And Hypnosis
Fresno, CAL, USA

That's why I refer to MBL as....

The New Frontier In Hypnosis

If you allow it, it will turn you into a hypnosis superpower with neural supremacy.

You'll live out the rest of your days as a linguistic scuba-diver - plumbing the depths of the seabed of consciousness where you get free reign to control how people think, react and act.

And listen to this:

If you still don't believe that a hypnosis veteran with 30 to 40 plus years experience won't understand (and won't detect) MBL when it's used right before their eyes, then put it to the test.

Like this:

Go through the entire Mind Bending Language System and let all the material and MBL patterns "seep" into you.

Then find the most experienced hypnotist you can and challenge them to a head-to-head contest working on someone who has a "stuck" mindset. Let the experienced hypnotist go first and sit back and watch the results unfold.

What then? Then you work with that same person (or someone with a similar problem) using the MBL technology.

What will happen?

I can almost guarantee what will happen. The speed and completeness of the results you produce compared to the incomplete results of the hypnosis veterans...

Will Utterly Dumfound And Embarrass Them

And that is true even if you are currently a rank beginner to hypnosis.

The MBL technology is just that fast and powerful.

For that reason I'm not happy for just anyone to get their hands on the Mind Bending Language System.

As a matter of fact, if you are the vindictive type who likes to prey upon the insecurities of other people or manipulate them like a puppet on a string, then...

Please, Stay Well Away From The MBL Material

It's definitely not intended for you.

In fact, just to be clear, here are the 3 types of people the Mind Bending Language System is ideally suited for:

IDEAL CANDIDATE 1): Existing Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists:

MBL will be an extremely powerful new "tool" in your hypnotherapy tool box if you are a practicing hypnotists or hypnotherapist who has good integrity and enjoys enabling positive change in people.

IDEAL CANDIDATE 2): Influence and Persuasion Enthusiasts:

MBL will revolutionise your ability to persuade and influence. Just think of the results Oren, Dan, Ken and David achieved with a very crude and primitive form of MBL.

IDEAL CANDIDATE 3): Self-Improvement Enthusiasts:

Just going through the Mind Bending Language System will change your relationship with yourself in very profound ways. It will completely alter your relationship with whatever used to be a problem in your life.

For that reason, MBL is a very powerful "use-it-on-yourself" self-development tool.

So: If you fall into one (or more) of those 3 ideal candidate categories above, then here's how to get the Mind Bending Language System...


Now You Can Get All 169 MBL Cards,
16 MBL CDs With Full Transcripts Here...

MBL CardsJust click the "Add to Cart" button below, today, and instead of investing in the regular amount of $297.00 - you can get the reduced "early adopter" rate of three easy instalments of only $59

What about a guarantee?

The Mind Bending Language System comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so if you don't feel after going through all the material that you can effectively use MBL "on the street" with anyone you meet to change people's minds... get them "unstuck" around a problem... or get them to see new possibilities in their life - just let me know within 60-days and...

I Will Buy The Material Back From You!

This means MBL either delivers on everything I say it does or you will have been able to go through the entire Mind Bending Language Cards & 16 CDs for free.

But listen. I'm not making this offer forever.

Very soon this product is going to be made available to the general public, and then I'll be having the order cart changed to show the full amount. So go ahead and get a $120 discount, free shipping and an easy payplan now, while you still can by clicking the Add To Cart button below

Sorry, Offer Over.

Servers Are 100% Secure Using 128 Bit Encryption

Thank you for giving yourself the life-changing gift of learning mind bending language.


Igor Ledochowskiigor-sig.jpg

Igor Ledochowski

Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer
Author Of Over Different 70 Training Products & Seminars
Author Of The Best Selling, "The Deep Trance Training Manual"
Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer
Internationally Aclaimed Master Hypnosis Trainer
Certified Master Hypnotist & Trainer

P.S. Although MBL can be used as a "stand alone" hypnosis technology it also adds a whole new dimension to all other hypnosis inductions and processes. As a matter of fact, MBL will make all your other hypnosis skills many times more powerful.

It's time to join the other insiders who have been using this new hypnosis technology...simply click the add to cart button below to get started today.

"Igor Is The Best Trainer Around, Bar None"

I have really enjoyed the mind bending language cards. They are helping me to establish new patterns that help create a hypnotic flow and make my job easier.

Igor is the best trainer around, bar none. You cannot do better than his training programs.

I have studied under other trainers and I have learned more from Igor in a week than from other trainers in a year.

Chris Riddle
Milwaukie, OR Oregon, USA

"Helped Me To Embody The Language"

The cards have helped me to embody the language. When I have then it seems it's like training wheels to ride into clients minds. It also has helped me to open up to new ideas and concepts, to think outside of my safety box. I like to be able to take charge and lead my clients to find their own truths, Mind Bending Language is what I use for that leverage.

Phillip Willcher
Hypnotherpist, President of the IAPCH
Corte Madera, CA, 94925

"Igors' Products Are The Best On The Market With Out A Doubt"

No where else will you find this kind of information in such great detail. Igors' products are the best on the market with out a doubt.

David Biellier
Fair Grove, Missouri, USA

"Take Your Mind Beyond Your Imagination"

The MBL cards always go with me as I travel and I keep a couple of them in my pocket. By focusing on a few language patterns each week, I continually learn more and stay sharp.

The truth is ...I now LISTEN to people through a new set of perceptions that allow me to open up almost magical possibilities and... it is so seamless and easy. The CDs that came with the cards are worth the price by themselves.

Whether you do hypnosis or not, this product will take your mind beyond your imagination and smiling the whole way there.

Tim Mcnickle
Consultant Trainer Hypnotist
San Rafael, CA, USA

"It Is Invaluable!"

I have used Mind Bending Language to calm down angry patrons when I was working at a club as a bouncer. I have used MBL to help motivate amateur fighters I have worked with.

Specifically to shift their focus around one particular issue they are having mid-round to get them to utilize their other resources to a better result. There is nothing better to help get "roadblocks" out of the mind of people you need to help. It is invaluable!

Phil Friedman
Tampa, Florida, USA

"A New Way Of Seeing Everything"

It was a new way of seeing everything. Past present and future. Mind shifting everywhere. Quite confusing to begin with, but I understood it eventually.

I am actually writing novels now that incorporate MBL to take the reader out from the text and into other realities. And its fun too, because when you understand MBL the stories just comes automatically. MBL is confusing at start, but great after some mind bending understanding.

Joergen Fimrete
Sonde Technician, Oil Logging Industry
Nyborg, Norway

"I Know That Over Time My Life Will Just Go On Improving"

Hi Igor, I don't know if there are words enought to express how effective this package has been for understanding the internal processes that need to be learnt for using the MBL patterns. However I have found that between playing with the cards and listening to the associated audio programs, my daily language has shifted into new and interesting directions.

Not only did my influence with others improve, but I also found that during my self practice sessions, my influence over myself improved. And now I know that over time my life will just go on improving, to the point that geting what I need out of life will be inevitable.

Thanks again

Anthony Betts
Technical Representative
Australia, Queensland, Australia


The card decks are an awesome way to practice the mind bending language system. Regular practice with the decks makes internalizing the language patterns effortless.

Roland Berg
San Antonio, TX, USA

"Not Only Facinating But Extremely Helpful"

I have found the MBL card decks not only facinating but extremely helpful in being able to develop and use mind bending language in every day events and hypnosis

Rob Smith
Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand

"Invest In This Set"

Awesome Product! A Great Skill Developer, if you want to take your skill of using language patterns further, invest in this set.

Aaron Butts
Killeen, Texas, USA

"Extremely Useful"

I am finding the mind bending language decks extremely useful. I am about finished with deck two and beginning to get some of the effects that Igor describes. I am not part of a community of interested people, and working by myself. The tapes come in handy.

Jim Hefling
Social Worker
New Brighton, MN, USA

"Automatically Blends Into Your Normal Conversation"

These decks are excellent for anybody using Hypnosis and with some effort, it automatically blends into your normal conversation without you even knowing about it and suddenly you start to sound a little bit like Igor. Often you surprise yourself and your little brain says "did I use to talk like this before?" Believe me its very subtle and obvious, but fantastic at the same time!

David Cheah
Canberra, ACT, Australia

"A Tremendous Asset"

I found the cards to be a tremendous asset. They are creative and helpful. A truly great way of integrate this valuable information.

Gedalyah Rosen
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel

"Great Training Tool..."

...I always have one of the cards in my pocket, so I can train whenever I want.

Ole Stenholt
Viby J, Denmark, Denmark

"Absolutely Wonderful Content!"

I've been using the MBL decks in my hypnosis sessions. Absolutely wonderful content! It's given me a whole new way doing things very quickly. Thanks Igor.

Aaron Kondracki
Business Owner
Snohomish, Washington, USA

"I Loved Them All"

Frankly speaking I loved them all. Not just this MBL Card Decks but also the Street Hypnosis Deck and the Yes deck and I just can not choose which is best.

Simply because they're so practical. And to make them even more practical, I scanned them and put them into my Android for daily pop-up. Nothing compares...

John Manurip
Quality Manager
Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

'"Simply Fantastic" Is An Understatement!'

To say that this information is "simply fantastic" is an understatement! To get the full power of this program I highly recommend you put it into practice with Igor's other programs.

Glenn Sarault
Rehoboth, MA, USA

"Great Work, Thank You"

They have and do help me personally and as a therapist here in Peru helping me direct my communication with patients getting to the real person behind the outside facade. Great work, thank you.

Art Nunez
Behavioral & Nutritional Cellular Therapist
Lima, Lima, Peru

"Igor Is Renowned For Over Delivering"

Recall a time in the future when you look up and know your famous Igor Ledochowski Mind Bending Language card decks are like a bottle of magic vintage vine yet still have the super power of a never ending bottle.

Igor is renowned for over delivering and the MBL Deck package is instrumental in continuing his wonderful reputation. You just have to have a set.

Peter De Mamiel
Brisbane, Qld, Australia

"Improve And Expand My Skill Set"

What I enjoy most about the card decks is being able to take them with me in a pocket, so during the day when I have a lazy 5 mins (like waiting for a coffee in a cafe) I am able to shuffle the deck and pull out a card or two and force myself to practise or use whatever technique is on that particular card--- as opposed to being lazy and just focusing on one or two points that I am most familiar with as a hypnotist and sticking to them... this forces me to improve and expand my skill set whether I like it or not! ;) Otherwise its too easy to watch a set of DVDs and read a manual then leave them on a shelf and complain of "never having time..."

Jess Bird
Scientific Marketing Consultant
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

"Use It Anytime I Like"

It's a such a convenient tool for learning that I could take it with me everywhere and use it anytime I like.

Liu Yui Kai
Hong Kong, none, Hong Kong

"Great Pleasure And Success"

Hi Igor, I have had great pleasure and success with the mind bending language deck in fact we have used these in training at the Hypnosis Association meetings to stimulate involvement from members. Thanks for your great training ideas. Ian

Ian Lochlin
Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

"Easier To Learn"

The cards are instrumental in mastery of Mind-Bending Language. They provided me with a lot of perspective making it easier to learn.

Bryan Westra
Murray, KY, USA

"Helped My Life And Businesses"

I have found it extremely valuable and has helped my life and businesses. This is true of all your material and live courses I have attended which are Amazing.

Don Barrett
Business Owner
Newbury park, Ca, Usa

"Very Simple To Use By Anyone"

To say interesting is not enough, I wish there was another word more powerful then 'interesting' to describe it. The material is very simple to use by anyone, at any time and any situation. Only if you practice it will you be able to transform your relationship with others.

Ali Alismaili
It Consultant
Muscat, Muttrah, Oman

"Life And Business Are Now Easier"

Language is crucial in everything that we do or think about. These MBL cards have enabled me to learn how to use language to best effect in daily interactions. Life and business are now easier and smoother.

Richard Moore
Internet Business Consultant
Norwich, Norfolk, UK

"Laid Out In A Simple Clear Format"

The phrases and suggested wording in the decks have been woven into my everyday conversations and emails with very positive results. I keep the cards with me and review them on a regular basis.

It is an easy thing to do because the cards are laid out in a simple clear format. I practice with them in just about any situation and I find them a fabulous addition to Igor's other lessons and training.

Sanford Weir
Centreville, Virginia, USA

"A Very Comprehensive Tool"

I have had a casual interest in hypnosis for many years but it was Igor's skill and reputation that finally convinced me to seriously study hypnosis as a form of therapy.

The mind bending language cards developed by Igor are, to me, a very comprehensive tool which should be an integral item which should be in every hypnotherapist's tool kit.

Peter Blum
Mental Health Nurse
Ocean Shores, NSW, Australia

"Great Product!"

Powerful and easy to study and implement. Great product!

Daniel Danyluk
Chiropractor, Life Coach
Oceanside, NY, USA


Igor, your mind bending language card deck is fantastic, It is easy to use and applies to many situations not just for sales but also everyday conversations.

Scott Bell
Body Language Expert
Elk Grove, California, USA

"The Deck Has Really Helped Me"

The Mind Bending Lanugage Deck is awesome! Using the deck has really helped me to internalize the various language structures used in Mind Bending Language and Conversational Hypnosis.

Michael White
Houston, TX, USA

"Really Easy To Follow"

I've just begun to listen to the recordings and am still on the first deck. So far I am enjoying the way that it has been presented, it is really easy to follow, and with the students on the recordings talking with Igor and giving their own feedback it makes it very easy to understand and follow how the cards work. I'm sorry I cannot give you more information than this as I'm only on the 3rd suit of the 1st deck of cards.

Lachlan Cox
Winery Sales Manager (But Want To Open My Own Hypnotherapy Office)
Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

"They Help Me Open New Possibilities With Clients"

I've been using these for a few months now, taking them with me and reviewing them at night on my consulting trips. I have to say they help me open new possibilities with clients, and help me help them shape their own direction.

I'm finding that the mix of Mind Bending Language cards are especially powerful when used with my other deck of Yes cards. That's a unbeatable combination that can keep anyone growing for years.

John Maher
Rockville Centre, New York, USA

"Useful Tools"

I owe Igor for much of my success in hypnosis and in life. His induction using Epictetus as much as his interview with John Overdurf explains quantum mechanics as a precursor to the concepts of MBL.

Thanks to Igor, I have studied different approaches to inducing hypnosis. Because I am not able to practice hypnosis full time, MBL remains a concept which I know I will be able to use later.

I have used the power words and they have helped me bypass the critical factor. Hopefully, I will master these useful tools.

Because of Igor's intellectual generosity, I have used methods of other hypnotists whom he has recommend. It all proliferates into a magnificent avocation.

Russ Henrichs
Attorney (Criminal)
Dallas, Texas, USA

"A Powerful Way To Bypass The Critical Factor"

The Mind Bending Language brought me a lot in my practice of conversational hypnosis. It makes my suggestions much more "easy" to accept.

Mind Bending Language is a powerful way to bypass the critical factor when you wish to influence someone. I tested it several times.

It's pretty amazing to see that we can overcome the objections of a person using this technique. Of course, this requires training.

But I advise Mind Bending Language will help people who wish to deepen their practice of influence. Perfect complement to the practice of conversational hypnosis in my case!

Laurie Bonnechere
Herstal, Liege, Belgique


The MBL deck has been of great help. Not only it functions as example texts, it also creates the neural paths to eventually begin thinking in different levels.


John Van Eekelen
Maassluis, ZH, The Netherlands

"Best Year Ever For My Family"

Mind Bending Language = Best year ever for my family and we'll make more money in this coming year.

Erin Simons
Mother, Wife
Toronto, Ontarion, Canada

"Totally Blew My Mind"

This is an amazing product that totally blew my mind. I have never come across such techniques in my self-development pursuit.

One can easily master it with practice and it works. I am truly impressed that Igor came up with it.

Giak Ling Lee
Natural Health Researcher & Infopreneur

"An Incredible Feeling Of Mind Expansion"

The first and most astonishing shift in listening to the MBL course was an incredible feeling of mind expansion, a looseness in thought that made sense of ideas and topics that seemed vague and muddled before.

Then peppering my language with the power words, my conversations took on a more dynamic and focused slant with a seamless flow. I could talk to people with their undivided attention.

I am still experimenting with MBL and have yet to help others by using spins although I have inspired friends and students. Igor I am a portrait painter and would love to paint your portrait for the BP National Portrait Award.

Tim Hall
Portrait & Landscape Artist
Mousehole, Penzance, Cornwall, UK

"A Wealth Of Knowledge"

The Mind Bending Language Deck gave me a wealth of knowledge to help people who were stuck in a situation.

You can use it as a "lubricant for the mind". And it can be your own mind, too. - Highly recommendable!

Siegfried Stoll
Mannheim, does not apply, Germany

"Dissolves Limiting Arguments Right Before The Subject's Amazed Eyes"

Mind Bending Language is a brilliant invention that gives the practitioner, hypnotherapist or life coach verbal tools with which to detach a subject from any cherished blocking or limiting concept. I like to say that people who argue for their limitations get to keep them.

Mind Bending Language, when used subtly and judiciously (and by that I mean not clumsily or obviously, which is why the decks are so important!) actually dissolves limiting arguments right before the subject's amazed eyes.

The decks make practice easy and fun. It's clear that a lot of thought and work went into them.

Ralph Huntington
Hypnotic Life Coach
Albany, New York, USA

"Noticeable Progress...On A Daily Basis"

If you have any of Igor's products, then you already know how consistently effective the Mind-Bending language cards are. It's as if these help to pick up where the original Street Hypnosis Deck began, and take us so much further down the road.

If you are new to this kind of approach, then you'll be happy to hear that he starts you off at ground level, and builds from there. Imagine what it's like when you start with a completely blank slate, and are able to make noticeable progress with the use of these cards on a daily basis.

Because Igor can explain the 'how' and the 'why' behind each concept so clearly, it's as if you almost know the material as you are listening and working with the cards!

Keith Zalinger
It Consultant/hypnotist/thought-Reader
Branford, CT, USA

"Unbelievably Good"

Igor's Mind Bending Langauge Deck is Unbelievably good, I love the decks, it makes integrating the Mind Bending Language into your strategies nearly effortless. This product is a complete home-run

Bob Cobb
Peak Performance Hypnotic Coach And Trainer
Lakewood Ranch, FL, USA

"Very Listenable"

Do you think about who you would trust to speak to your unconscious. With 40 yrs experience of all things self dev, I most certainly do and am not keen on many of these hypnosis gurus and have found few I feel OK about.

As a woman I do not want some strange guy getting intimate with my mind and I'm sure many women feel the same. However Igor I highly recommend, he has the most delightful voice and accent that embodies his sincerity, wisdom and ethics and he is very listenable.

Listening to his life stories and how he likes to spend his time he feels like a kindred spirit not someone living the high life. You would be unlikely to find anyone more knowledgeable about the subject which he obviously has a deep love of.

Lotus Lake
Spiritual Artist, Writer, Counsellor
London, UK

Love 'em just started getting into them

Steven Sutton
Barking, Essex, England

Mind bending language has the potential to be the next big thing in change techniques. Igors' practice cards are a superior quality training product and I thoroughly reccomend them.

Ian Walshaw
Selby, North Yorkshire, UK

The cards allow one to understand the nature of mind bending language.

Michael Judd
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

The real training wheel for MBL is playing with these cards, My mother tongue is not English, so I wrote exact equal for each English word in my own language and went through them many times. It is easy and fun, and your subconscious starts to grasp the keywords fast.

Mehdi K
Dubai, Dubai, UAE

I've studied them and translated them into dutch. They are very useful and enhanced my understanding and use of creating shifts in submodalities and even in communication at the deepest level.

Dennis Kneulman
Hypnotherapist, Trainer
Schoorl, NH, Netherlands

The MBL Card Decks help break down the seemingly complex process into something that is understandable and easy to learn.

Trevor Long
Life Coach
Sydney, NSW, Australia

An excellent tool to learn about the depths of our minds and a great fun! :-) It helps you to trick not only others' but even your own mind - and it teaches you to love, laugh about, and marvel at yourself all at the same time. :-) Thanks, Igor! :-)

Anna Fekete
Budapest, Hungary, Hungary

MBL cards is a wonderful product as it gives you the opportunity to practice everywhere and anytime. To the extent that you become more and more proficient with this linguistic equivalent of the instant or shock inductions you will get instant and shockingly good results in many situations which will make your life so much easier.

Victor Kormishkin
Team Leader (Engineering)
Sherwood, Oregon, USA

I went to the seminar and use the techniques on a regular basis to improve my communication to patients.

John Fitzgerald
Blood Doctor
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Definitely makes the whole process a lot easier. Having the cards helps you to break down all the pieces and the audio tracks really help to make distinctions about each of the cards.

Paul Norrish
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Great product with endless applications

Kevin Woods
Financial Advisor
Houston, Texas, USA

I find the cards very helpful in conversational hypnosis.

Pedro Di Giacomo
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Very good information

Jim Mcpherson
Certified Massage Therapist
Minneapolis, MN, USA

An extremely helpful learning device.

Steve Jump
Land Title
Lawton, OK, USA

My best success story was with myself actually because I didn't have the congruence (due to my lack of experience at the time) to use it on anyone else. I used some of the mind bending language in recordings I created for when I drop myself into trance to make changes in my personal life.

Once in trance I was able to 'scramble my eggs' sufficiently enough to change some troublesome patterns by using embedded commands to elicit useful resources after using the MBL to alter those existing patterns. It really seems very useful for doing that even though that's just the tip of the iceberg as to what you can use it for.

Very powerful and effective indeed!

Edward Warnock
Medical Assistant
SOuth Boston, Massachusetts, USA

They were interesting

Diane Schwartz
Safety Harbor, FL, USA

Cards are great

David Penn
Truck Driver
River Oaks, TX, USA

I memorized the time, space, energy, identity, and matter statements before the last conversational hypnosis course in LB and it helped me understand the concept of talking to the unconscious mind.

Paul Sissons
Aircraft Business Owner
Austin, Texas, USA

I use them on myself for reflection

Abram Depaul
Web Design
Austin, Texas, USA

To be honest, I've not viewed all the material yet but I think about it a lot. It is definitely something I planon studying more and eventually using. Thanks..

John Panchuk
Police Sergeant
North Attleboro, Ma, USA

Mind Bending Language is simultaneously one of the most challenging and most useful hypnotic skills to learn. While classical confusion methods simply seek to bypass the critical factor and perhaps generate inner search, when properly done MBL can take the client one step further, helping activate the resources necessary for change by spinning them into the "trance of infinite possibility" (TIP).

There are three decks in the MBL set, which is accompanied by an extensive audio master class that takes the student through all three decks in some detail. The first deck seems to be mainly for training the unconscious mind to recognize the patterns and effects involved in MBL, laying down pathways that the mind can travel later when using the system. It is somewhat less powerful therapeutically because the patterns are "canned" and not directly related to the client's issues, but I have had some good results even with these patterns.

The second and third decks help train the student on the strategies and language for generating dynamic MBL phrases tailored to the client's actual work.

Daniel Frank
San Carlos, California, USA

I'm using some elements of the MBL in my communication both written and spoken, and have found it useful. And as I use them among with other stuff that I know from NLP as well as my own stuff, I honestly cannot say how much MBL alone is contributing in effectiveness of my communication, but there are some little incidents in which I only used MBL and I noticed how it sent people into momentary trance through which I could pass what I wanted.

Ala Mohammadi
Dubai, Dubai, UAE

I have not been able to use the MBL Card Decks asmuch as I would have liked to because of a family situation, but here goes my impression after reviewing them. It has given me a better understanding as to how develop scripts and language that I am comfortable with.

These building blocks are helping me clarify how to use the previous material that I have purchased from you. I believe that these will help me to talk in ways that I would not have been able to do otherwise. And the people I am talking to will not know what I am doing -- it will become more natural to me.

Steve Turner
Overland Park, KS, USA

I have time constraints and is not yet finished with it, but can already see that it will be invaluable.

Apm De Villiers
Business Man
Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

The mind bending language cards have given me a working vocabulary of power words which are now implanted in my subconscious. I have total confidence that with repeated exposure to the cards the words will be accessible as my own.

Ian Sinclair
Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

I love the MBL Deck, it makes things much easier. I am becoming more and more confusing each time I use it in a good way =).

Thomas Leong
Laurel, MD, USA

I believe the Mind Bending Language Cards are a brilliant breakdown of hypnotic language patterns and a fun way to practice with a partner and really build one's 'Mind Bending' languaging skills.

Fiona Mackinnon
Consulting Hypnotist/hypnotherapist
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Mind Bending Language Deck is a great and useful tool to learn and master this hypnotic approach easyly. With the help of the CDs we are guided by Igor through the process and it helps to integrate these language patterns either in our personal communications as well as my profesionnal approach with my hypnosis clients.

Yves Mayer
Brigham, Quebec, Canada

Interesting! Surprising! It works!! Fun!!

Kerstin Bernstal
Rockneby, Smaland, Sweden

I really enjoyed the Mind Bending Language Card Decks. They are really helping me to learn the material.

Susan Cousins
Tax Manager/consultant
Flowery Branch, GA, USA

They are very easy to handle and use in a variety of situations (as a trainer and advisor assisting students in their learning processes it is important). I have not had time though to fully benefit from them on a daily basis for the last 3 months, which I regret.

Rachel Chauvin
Trainer And Coach
Périgueux, Dordogne, France

Very useful.

Raluca Radu
Bucharest, Romania, Romania

Like the Street Hypnosis Deck before the MBL decks really help you drum what needs to be drummed into your head!

Tommy Beck
Falkirk, Stirlingshire, UK

Not only have I bought the deck I have bought the DVDs too. I have been studying and practising several of the language patterns at work, both as a Managing Director and as a Hypnotherapist and I must say that they are very effective. People get into hypnosis without the formal induction and in some difficult negotiations they have made wonders.

Kaare Engel
Managing Director + Hypnotherapist
Hilleroed, Nordsjaelland, Denmark

It's excellent to have cards to refer to remind oneself of these language patterns. Also convenient to carry around as a little portable learning aid.

Hazel Birch
Home Ed Mum
London, England, UK

Though I have bought the mind bending language decks a little while ago, I have gone through them and found them to be an outstanding resource for practicing my conversational hypnosis with friends and family. It works really well, even with the none believers. They are defiantly an item to have in your hypnotic tool box and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to further their hypnotic repertoire.

James Hihnala
Sudbury, ON, Canada

I enjoyed the card decks because they're easy to carry and study on the go each day as i'm on the train going to & from work, or pop out to study during lunchtime

Robert P

My review of the MBL Card Deck and 16 CDs. The MBL program continues to create in me a journey of Self-Discovery because I'm shedding old habits. The MBL program caused me to have an intense introspection by causing (allowing?) me to think differently thereby creating a "different" reality for me, much more to my liking.

I found that once I gained understanding of what the MBL program really means - renewing myself - then knowledge will follow and "POWER" (Acceptance) will be behind ANYTHING I CHOOSE to focus on. "Stretching" my mind is an absolute understatement. "Transcending" my old life is the word that comes to mind because my entire thought processes, my vocabulary, my creative process were completely transformed.

Did it work? YES! YES! YES! After my 3rd time through the MBL program the dawn of understanding started to filter through to me and also without adherence to self-discipline I would have tossed this a long time ago. Something told me "This is REAL"! Stick with it and I did and WOW! Am I still dropping old habits? YES! However as an old "process" (habit) arises I easily KNOW (Accept) a new, much more useful process replacing it and my self-talk and my confidence becomes more powerful and Aware!!

I LOVE this Snowball effect!! Habit number 5 of the book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey states, "Seek first to understand, THEN to be understood." That quote was never more true than allowing the MBL program to show our true greatness!! Thank YOU!!

Copelen Bradley
Coral Springs, Florida, USA

I use them all of the time. I have the Mind Game Magic deck, useful for developing a pre-talk. I also have the Yes deck and the Street Hypnosis deck which is really good. I also watched the Igor and Spencer stage hypnosis course.

I really like card decks. What I do is read a suit or set of cards a day, working my way through the deck over and over. What sets the Igor decks apart is that you fear not to delve into arcane and obscure language patterns.

James Neely
Lakewood, Colorado, USA

Great assistance in training

Ian Lochlin
Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

The cards are simple to use and carry. I often take them to my local coffee spot and read through them. Great for learning re-enforcement.

Tom Wilford
Civil Servant
Los Angeles, Ca, USA

Although I had done a course which included the mind bending language, it wasn't until I practised with the cards on a friend, a few a day, that I really started to get the hang of mind bending language.

Alan Turvey
Counsellor And Hypnotherapist
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Enlightening and easy to follow

Frank Cowhig
San Gabriel, California, USA

A great learning tool. Easy to use.

Weylen Chinen
Independent Business Owner
Hilo, HI, USA

Pearls of wisdom given to our wisdom to enjoy pearls of life.

Massimo Giovannini
Monte Carlo, Monaco, Monaco

Like all Igor's material I find the teaching easy to digest and the learnings relevant in their application. I certainly enjoy and benefit from his deceptively relaxed style and his obvious enjoyment in helping others access the knowledge and benefit from the experiences that he has acquired.

Keith Wells
Teacher And Personal Development Trainer
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

My social approach changed dramatically after learning from your course

Per Prien
Munich, Bavaria, Germany

I helped a friend handle the death of a close friend. I sprinkled in some of the mind bending predicates along the lines of, after the grief and shock subsides, you can look back and realize that you have many memories of him that you will treasure forever, don't you? Then I told a story about a friend of mine that passed away. He sounded to have arrived at making sense out of this unknown. I don't know how truly mind bending that was, just that it worked.

Rustom Ghandhi
Edgewood, Maryland, USA

Beautiful, I study them with my 9 years old daughter and I have have fun and learn with her. I love them since it is easy to carry them and study.

Folker Rojas
Buckeye, az, USA

I have found the Mind Bending Language Card Decks to be overwhelming. There was just so much information there. So I just took one or two cards at time, practicing and practicing until I found myself using the ideas or the phrases without having to think about them, then I grabed a couple more and repeated the process. I finially got through the decks and found that I had a different way of talking when I needed to.

Glenn Andrus
Part Time Hypnotherapist
Benicia, California, USA

The Mind Building Language Card Deck is the easiest way to learn confusional language pattern for change, both therapeutically and for business purposes.

Benjamin Walden
Atlanta, GA, USA

I have found the card deck very useful. I like to learn a subject from both a broad and detailed view of the material and the cards really get a the details of the language in conversational hypnosis. This made learning the language patterns easy which is also helped by the convenient format of a card deck

Chris Hudson
Woodbridge, VA, US

It took me some time to listen to and play with the cards as suggested in the recordings, but I found the instructions more than useful and I learned a great deal of information regarding the use of language in hypnotic situations. Having put some of the ideas into practice, I found I was able to enable people to enter trance much quicker than by the 'conventional' methods I had been using. Igor, another great product which has advanced my skilss in hypnosis. Many thanks

David Redman
London, England, UK

The Mind Bending Language Cards provide a easy system that helps accelerate the use of mind bending language to help clients move beyond their limiting mental loops.

Minerva Collier
Los Alamitos, CA, USA

I have bought so many courses that I have not had the time to get to the cards yet. I am sure that they will live up to the rest of your material. Great content and great teacher!

Craig Thomas
Kitchen Designer
Grapevine, TX Texas, USA

MBL is a wonderful method to "enhance the trance" (TM). It is great to know your unconcious can heal quickly now.

Ed Mackey
Kennett Square, PA, USA

A very fascinating and enjoyable set of skills, I found the course extremely useful!

Stefano Lauria
Cagliari, Sardegna, Italy

I really love the Mind Bending Language cards they are an excellent resource that I can take with me and use anywhere. it is an excellent way to reinforce what I have learned.

Mario Moreno
Account Manager
Lenexa, KS, USA

Becoming fluent with the MBL Cards and audios has been a challenge naturally, though an exciting one. I have recently found that learning the MBL Cards alongside the Street Hypnosis Deck makes the ride less bumpy, and signs of my progress are becoming more and more frequent. Thank you for creating the MBL Cards, they are a work of art.

Norman Mann
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Like all the material Igor produces it's comprehensive and considered. He presents his content without the impressive sounding psychobabble many others use to flesh out their material. It's simply delivered and clearly delivered and all the more powerful and valuable as a result.

David Mckenzie
Company Director
Altrincham, Cheshire, UK

The M.B.L. cards are a tremendous asset for learning this skill. These along with the accompining audio allow the practitioner to experience the process along with the results. Terrific job Igor!

Ron Soderstrom
Lihue, HI, USA

I liked the way you related the cards to temporal / location / time etc It made a lot more sense

Gordon Service
Chelmsford, Essex, UK

It took me a while to get around all the decks, but it was worthwhile as I am now able to induce trance state within people in a shorter time

David Redman
London, England, UK

I used to be trained in hypnosis and hypnotherapy in a workshop class, also by reading hypnosis books. I never imagine that learning hypnosis, especially learning advanced conversational hypnosis, by playing card decks. It looks like just playing a game, but when I regularly use them, I feel some deep reflex are built in my mind, reflex to apply the conversatonal hypnosis. They are useful tools to learn miind bending language.

Artanto Wahyono
Medical Doctor
Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Republic of Indonesia

The decks have helped me quite a bit. Thanks.

George O'dell
Las Vegas, NV, USA

To be specific: The Mind Bending Language Card Decks Rocks :-) Thank You Igor

Artur Lewandowski
Warszawa, Mazowieckie, Polska

After a few repetitions of the cards I found, my mind and perspectives shifting. (It was quite an eye opener).

James Hammett
Amsterdam, Noord Holland, NL

The product was very well organised and presented, with the cards a added bonus for quick reference. It took a while to get my head around it all but with time it began to settle in my head and make sense as an overall product.

Robert Ditty
Moreton, Cheshire, England

Although I had purchased Igor's Advanced MBL training course on DVD, I didn't take the time to learn it until I attended the live hypnotherapy training in Long Beach and learned firsthand the power of mind bending language to both induce trance as well as get very significant and positive shifts in thoughts and feelings (and therefore behavior as well). After returning home, I was fully motivated to complete the entire MBL course (which is also great BTW).

The Mind Bending Language cards themselves are very useful as they can easily be carried around in your pocket and it is a fun and easy way to remember the types of patterns and practice thinking them and using them to the point where it can be done unconsciously (which is where the real magic starts to happen). Yet another great product from Igor and Street Hypnosis. Thank you!

Burt Jurgens
Portland, OR, USA

An incredibly easy memoire for use with clients

Laurence Jones
Hypnotist, Engineer
Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain

MBL Cards are the BEST!

Mark Nouveau
Management Consultant
Chicago, IL, USA

Very useful. Particularly like the examples on the back of each card

Amar Ali
London, England, UK

Interesting method for learning how to do MBL, or taking your skills to a higher level. As a "graduate" of Igor's seminar, I saw and experienced mind bending language firsthand. Then getting the deck allowed me, like other students, to take the skills to a higher level. Highly recommend.

Bob Corso
Elder Care Provider
Midland, MI, US

The MBL cards are truly an elegant piece of work! The deck organizes powerful language patterns in a novel way that makes them extremely accessible and puts astonishing flexibility and creativity directly at your fingertips.

Scott Luedtke
IT Consultant
Fresno, CA, USA

I'd been playing with the MBL decks for a while, just enjoying & getting used to the the shifts of the language ... when one day a friend called me asking for some guidance about a situation with family. Fifteen minutes later, they were laughing and feeling much better about an upcoming family event.

A few days later, I had to ask how it went. Well, they'd forgotten all about it. Reflecting on the event, they were fine about it all! NICE! Score one for the good guys!

Michael Becroft
Clevelan, Ohio, USA

"Captivate Others Within Minutes Of Speaking With Them"

The many different "hats" I wear in life...husband, father, employee etc are all affected positively or negatively based on my ability to communicate effectively.

There are many barriers that prevent people from understanding or receiving what we have to say in the way we want to have it understood and the MBL decks give you the ability to blow right through them. The end result is a deep and powerful communication that takes place in that part of the listener where the true decisions are made.

Enrich others lives, influence situations to your favor, captivate others within minutes of speaking with them and do it all in a way that no one even realizes is happening. Get the MBL decks if there are still any left!

Key Points:
1) I downloaded the audio files to my IPhone so I listen to them on the way to work and back
2) Decks are beautiful, sturdy and fun to work through
3) Content of audio is simple to understand but yet complex enough to warrant study over and over as I seem to learn more every time I listen.

Dominic Rodriguez
Information Technology / Sales
Houston, TX, USA

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